They are fasteners that can be applied to all kinds of perforated surfaces, concrete, gas concrete, wooden surfaces.


B25 Concrete

  • Code: CEKD0600 Diameter: M.6 Drill Diameter (D): 10 mm Rod Size (L) (mm): M.6 Design Load: 10.00 kN Recommended Tensile Load: 0.8 kN Bending Moment: 5.10 Nm
  • Code: CEKD0800 Diameter: M.8 Drill Diameter (D): 12 mm Rod Size (L) (mm): M.8 Design Load: 12.00 kN Recommended Tensile Load: 3.5 kN Bending Moment: 12.50 Nm
  • Code: CEKD1000 Diameter: M.10 Drill Diameter (D): 15 mm Rod Size (L) (mm): M.10 Design Load: 16.90 kN Recommended Tensile Load: 5.0 kN Bending Moment: 24.90 Nm
  • Code: CEKD1200 Diameter: M.12 Drill Diameter (D): 18 mm Rod Size (L) (mm): M.12 Design Load: 26.00 kN Recommended Tensile Load: 7.4 kN Bending Moment: 43.70 Nm

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