Galvanized Steel Spiral Clamped Air Ducts

– 0.50mm – 1.00mm (inclusive) (110gr or 275gr galvanized sheet) thickness range,

Circular air duct is produced by clamping galvanized steel sheet in special machines. Duct diameters, dimensions of duct fittings, tolerances are produced in accordance with EN 1505 and 1506 and galvanized sheet material EN 10142. All duct parts, elbows and connections are designed in the most appropriate way in terms of sound level and aerodynamics. 100 mm with spiral pipes shaped with precise tolerances in fully automatic machines. with 1,600 mm. diameter range is produced. Maximum sealing is provided at high pressures. Fittings channel parts are produced in CNC plasma cutting machine according to the desired dimensions.

Round Air Ducts and Their Advantages

  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Factory installed seal system.
  • Thanks to the special gasket system, the risk of leakage is eliminated.
  • It is environmentally friendly, the system does not contain solvent-based materials.
  • Installation can be done in all weather conditions.
  • It is resistant to temperatures between -30° +100°.
  • It is resistant to positive pressure up to 3,000 Pa.
  • It is resistant to negative pressure up to 5,000 Pa.
  • Internal and external product control.
  • Aesthetic design, visual assembly advantage.


  • ∅d: 100-125 mm Minimum Diameter: 3.2 mm Number of Screws: 2
  • ∅d: 150-250 mm Minimum Diameter: 3.2 mm Number of Screws: 3
  • ∅d: 280-630 mm Minimum Diameter: 3.2 mm Number of Screws: 4
  • ∅d: 710-1,250 mm Minimum Diameter: 4.2 mm Number of Screws: 6

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