Ensuring Confidentiality Within the Institution

Our employees,

Protection of Personal Information of Customers

It is very important for the reliability and reputation of Karsac Air Conditioning that our employees comply with the professional behavior standards that ensure the confidentiality of the relationship and information between the institution and its customers. Discussing or talking about confidential information about customers or transactions outside of normal business activities and in public areas where 3rd parties can hear, may violate this confidentiality.

Personal information accessed by our employees for work purposes must be used in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) and the legislation supporting this law, company policies and procedures.
The use of information arising from its duties or in-house authorities is limited to situations that are strictly necessary for the legitimate and appropriate business objectives of Karsac Ventilation.
Consumption, address and identity information of eligible consumers should never be shared for the benefit of other retail / wholesale electricity sales companies.
In addition, information about how our day-to-day business works (such as our strategic plans and products) and non-public information about customers should be used with care and care. Even the slightest hint of it can cause misunderstandings.
In the event that Karsac Air Conditioning leaves its job for any reason, its obligation to protect the confidentiality of the information continues.

Company Property Information

Non-public information, transactions, computer software, technical information, materials, records, files, documents, programs, reports, reviews, about company customers and other third parties. Our employees cannot disclose this information to any 3rd party. Under no circumstances, during or after the service, this information can not be allowed to be known or disclosed by any competitor or any third party.

The equipment and belongings allocated to the employees of the company due to their duties are not considered as private goods. In addition, the Company reserves the right to audit employees' user accounts and electronic communication channels allocated to them for business purposes, such as e-mail, telephone, computer systems and other electronic records, based on existing laws.

Retention of Information

It is the responsibility of our employees to be aware of all policies regarding the secure management, distribution, transportation, storage or disposal of information. All of our employees are obliged to act in accordance with the provisions of the "Information Security Policy" published / to be published by the institution, except for the matters stated below.
As a Karsac Ventilation employee, we are expected to comply with the following basic policies:

Restricting Access to Confidential Information

  • All computer access should be limited to the knowledge necessary to perform daily tasks. If there is a need to share information with people outside the company, this issue should be questioned in detail, and if necessary, the situation should be discussed with the Information Security Management and the relevant Code of Ethics Advisor.
  • When sharing information with authorized persons, the required information should be provided at the required level.
  • Confidential information should be stored where only authorized persons can see and access it. When not in active use, documents containing confidential information should be kept securely in drawers or cabinets, and not left in fax machines, printers, or other unsecured areas.
  • When distributing such information within the institution, envelopes with the words "Personalized" should be used.

Protecting Information in Computer Hardware

  • Laptops and other portable devices are highly prone to theft. Such portable devices (computer, tablet, walkie-talkie, mobile phone, etc.) should not be left in unsafe places. Information Security Management and Human Resources Management should be notified as soon as possible in the event that the embezzled device is lost or stolen.
  • Our employees must lock their computers or log out of the system before they leave their computers.
  • User ID or passwords are personal and should not be shared with anyone. Our employee may be held responsible for all use of the user ID or password, including any unauthorized use, and for corporate damages that may occur due to misconduct. In cases where the user identity or password is suspected to be in danger, passwords should be changed and Information Security Management should be contacted.
  • The configuration of the antivirus program of the computer provided by the company cannot be changed. It is our employee's responsibility to protect the computer allocated by the company from computer viruses that are sent to the employee from outside the company and that will reveal company information.

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