Karsac Ventilation Ethical Rules and Working Principles have been published by the Board of Directors and are reviewed once a year in line with needs, changing conditions and current practices.

Violation of the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct and Its Consequences

Our Code of Ethics and Working Principles are the main factors of our prestige in the sector and our continuous success. Violation of these rules and principles may adversely affect our reputation and success in the industry. Therefore, behaving in an unethical manner against our principle of honesty or going out of business principles is within the scope of ethical review or disciplinary investigation. All of our employees are obliged to act in accordance with these rules.

Our employees are obliged to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the applicable written laws, regulations and legislation and general trends. Our employees may not engage in any illegal activity or inform anyone in this way while carrying out their responsibilities at the Company or performing their daily work.


Any violation of the law, corporate principles, or ethical rules, such as not cooperating in an investigation, may be subject to ethical review or disciplinary action.

Duties and Responsibilities of Code of Ethics Consultants

The most senior manager responsible for Human Resources management of each company within Karsac Air Conditioning is the Code of Ethics Consultant. Code of Ethics Consultants;

Duties and Responsibilities of Managers

Karsac Ventilation managers have additional responsibilities beyond the responsibilities defined for employees within the framework of the Code of Ethics and Working Principles. Accordingly, managers;

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