The honesty and integrity of our employees is essential to maintain our reputation, credibility and success that we have acquired as role models of our leaders. Behaviors that are unethical or inconsistent with our working principles will never be accepted or tolerated. It is the duty of every employee to protect the prestige and success of Karsac Ventilation.

Each employee must work at the highest professional level in order to meet the needs of internal and external customers within the scope of the work under his/her responsibility. In addition, employees work efficiently; It should contribute to its own goals, the goals of the department and the company to which it is affiliated, and to meet customer needs. .

Especially each of us;

Our institution expects our managers and all our employees to make judgments in accordance with our “Ethical Rules and Working Principles” while conducting their business. It is important for our managers and all of our employees to refer to these rules frequently, to frequently confirm that they are on the path in accordance with what is written in the "Ethical Rules and Working Principles" guide and for the purposes for which they were written, in order for them to fulfill their duties in the most effective and correct way in line with the corporate goals.

As an institution, we are aware that the rules expressed in this guide are not a complete answer for every question and for every situation. In such cases, or regarding any questions or thoughts about our "Ethical Rules and Working Principles", you can contact the Ethics Rule Consultant and Human Resources Management.

The communication channel established to report your questions about our “Code of Ethics and Working Principles”, violators of our “Ethical Rules and Working Principles” or suspicious situations that will diminish our reputation is as follows:

“Etik Kurallar ve Çalışma İlkelerimiz”le ilgili sorularınız ile “Etik Kurallar ve Çalışma İlkelerimiz”i ihlal edenleri ya da saygınlığımızı azaltacak şüpheli durumları bildirmek için oluşturulan iletişim kanalı aşağıda belirtilmiştir:

E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone : +90 262 502 00 13 (pbx)

Fax : +90 262 502 01 42

mail : You can send a letter to the address on the website of our company with the heading "Ethics Committee Chairman".

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