Use of Company Assets and Resources

All kinds of goods, assets, equipment, vehicles, computers, computer programs and the like, owned by the company and provided to the employee to carry out daily business, cannot be used by any employee for personal gain or for the personal benefit of another.

Company-owned telephones, personal computers, copy and fax machines, supplies, postal service, e-mail, billboards and meeting rooms are primarily for company use. The use of specified resources or other company resources for personal purposes may disrupt the flow of information, which is very important.

Company phone and company address, e-mail, internal communication and message system should not be used for personal correspondence and conversations. Care should be taken to ensure that private phone calls are of short duration.

We consider the interests of the corporation in the use of resources to be made on behalf of Karsac Ventilation companies, we show sensitivity in the protection of company assets. We avoid loss, damage, misuse and waste of group assets. We do not use company assets and facilities outside of company business, under any name or for anyone's benefit, without the benefit of the company. In cases where there is public interest or necessity, the approval of the General Manager of the relevant business unit is sought.

Using Technology

Karsac Ventilation Internet and Intranet system is for business transactions, communications and research. It cannot be used for purposes other than these purposes (watching series / movies, etc.) and/or obscene, pornographic, terrorist-oriented. In addition, unlicensed software should not be installed and used by employees on company computers. In no way with mobile devices belonging to the company; harassing, threatening or damaging the reputation of the institution cannot be sent messages.

Recruiting Outside the Institution

Employees cannot directly or indirectly engage in activities that require them to be considered traders or artisans (they are deemed to be "commercial enterprises" or "craftsmen enterprises"), they cannot be a member of the board of directors or an auditor in companies other than Karsac Air Conditioning companies, without the written approval of their top managers, they cannot work for a paid or unpaid job without obtaining written approval in any of their jobs.Employees may receive offers to participate in external events as paid or unpaid speakers or consultants, based on their professional experience. Such opportunities should be evaluated by the senior manager of the relevant business unit and the Corporate Communications Director to determine if there are any conflicts between personal and corporate interests.

Business Communications and Records

All communication, written or verbal, must be done in a professional manner and in accordance with our ethical rules. What we say, write and do should clearly reflect the ethical values ​​and expectations of Karsac Ventilation and indicate the existence of a healthy personal judgment. Exaggeration, misdirection, caustic language, excessive shorthand phrases, legal speculation, condescending words and attitudes towards people, companies and their products and services should be avoided at all times.

Everything that employees say, write and do should be aimed at protecting and reflecting the honesty and dignity of Karsac Havacilik. This policy applies to all forms of communication, including voicemails, emails, official notes and reports.


Email is an important method of internal and external communication. E-mails are records that can only be disclosed if required by legal processes, otherwise they must be kept strictly confidential. Any e-mail that does not comply with our ethical standards should not be written or sent in any form.

All e-mails should be created with the knowledge that they can be considered legal records and should be written in a professional manner. The transmission of any message must be in compliance with all policies and must be protected against unauthorized access.

The basic rules to be used during the use of e-mail are as follows:

Email facilities should not be used for:

Monitoring Employee's Use of Email and Other Systems

Karsac Ventilation reserves the right to monitor whether the e-mail, computer files or systems allocated to its employees are used in accordance with its purpose.

The Company has the right to control, intervene and read all communications made via e-mail. Any kind of document, contract theft, unauthorized photographing, questions asked to employees for information leaks are considered as security breaches. The staff accepts this application in advance. If the data/information security breach incident occurred by the Company employee; Disciplinary provisions are applied to the person concerned and the responsible person who is negligent in the event. If it is realized by a person or institution outside the company; Where necessary, legal action is taken.

Within the scope of ethical review and disciplinary investigations; If deemed necessary, the Internal Audit and Control Directorate is the only unit authorized to examine the device and software records (notebook, external data storage device, mobile phone, tablet, e-mail, Skype, SMS, etc.) given to the relevant personnel by the Company for use. Stop. Relevant records may be subject to review by the Internal Audit and Control Directorate upon a written request from the Information Technologies Directorate. This authority cannot be transferred to another unit and the data cannot be shared with third parties inside / outside the company. Internal Audit and Control Directorate, to the aforementioned authority; The Constitutional Court and the Court of Cassation have precedents based on the relevant articles of the KVKK and related legislation and the Karsac Ventilation Information Security Policy.

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