Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Environmental Protection

The company is obliged to provide the maximum OHS conditions to all its employees, to provide their training and to deliver their equipment. Likewise, employees are obliged to fully participate in the relevant trainings and to take all relevant precautions. All employees must notify their manager of possible dangers they see in their workplaces, verbally/in writing and/or by filling out the "Near Miss" forms. It is the responsibility of process owners related to OHS and Human Resources Management to share the lessons to be learned regarding occupational accidents in the field. Employees are obliged to comply with Karsac Ventilation Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policies and the details specified in the relevant legislation.

OHS incidents are reported to the relevant authorities in accordance with the legislation and Company policy/principles and transparently.

Carrying/Possession of Weapons

Employees, customers and visitors are prohibited from carrying weapons in the work areas, except those who are in the position of carrying weapons due to their duties (Security Guards, etc.).

In the controls at the building entrances, our colleagues must make the necessary controls without distinction of title.

Carrying weapons for special reasons and armed entry of visitors are only possible with the permission of the Human Resources Management.

Substance Use

The use of any substance (alcohol, drugs, etc.) that will affect the work performance of our employees or endanger workplace safety is strictly prohibited. This prohibition also includes being under the influence of these substances that will adversely affect the work performance of the employee when entering Karsac Ventilation buildings.

Betting and Gambling

Employees may not engage in activities such as betting and gambling that may damage the public reputation of Karsac Air Conditioning Company.

It is prohibited for all employees to arrange or participate in any type of gambling activity, such as the supply of gambling tools, the lottery of any kind of goods or money, or the arrangement of games, the buying and selling of tickets for such games.

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