Galvanized Sheet Rectangular Section Air Duct With Fastening Flange

– 0.60mm – 1.20mm (inclusive) (110gr or 275gr galvanized sheet) thickness range,

Explanation: The product range of Self Flanged Air Duct productions is the same as for the flanged flanged productions. They can be ordered in variable cross-section sizes. Machine origin is Germany. During manufacturing, silicone is pulled by an automatic system so that the seam remains in the clamp and cannot be seen during closing. Air tightness is ensured at the maximum level thanks to the flange section that prevents air leakage. Ducts manufactured as self-flange provide D Class impermeability according to SMACNA with the appropriate assembly to be made at the construction site. Due to the structure of the machine, 20 and 30mm flanged production is made.

Full duct lengths vary due to the special flange cross section. These details are given in Table-1 and Table-2.

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