Respect and Consideration in Our Relationships with Others

As Karsac Ventilation, our main goal is to approach our employees with respect, thoughtfulness and understanding and to create an environment that will contribute to full communication at all levels. We encourage open discussion of business problems and finding solutions to them.

To develop team spirit within the company; Protecting and improving corporate corporate identity should be adopted as a common goal. All of our employees are responsible for creating and maintaining an atmosphere in the workplace that is compatible with all the values ​​set forth in this guide.

Karsac Ventilation is based on race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, seniority, family, etc. It provides job opportunities to people with a diversity of perspectives. Our employees should value these diversity and conduct their relations with each other in line with the principles of mutual respect, justice, courtesy, honesty and equality.

Company personnel should not disturb each other in the common areas (including the use of service vehicles) reserved for employees. In these areas, except for those permitted by the management, posters, handwriting and notes should not be posted, and goods and services should not be sold.

Directly or by phone, e-mail, etc., by an employee from another employee. Harassment by indirect means is unacceptable. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, the behaviors listed below.

Our Principles on Harassment and Psychological Harassment (Mobbing)

Violation of immunity in any way, by physical, sexual and/or emotional harassment, is not tolerated by our employees or our stakeholders, with whom we have a business relationship, at the workplace or at any place where they are due to work. Possible negative attitudes and behaviors towards those who report such violations or assist during the investigation are considered as violations of our ethical rules.

Systematic and planned behaviors that aim to alienate the targeted person from work, decrease his performance, and cause him to resign, in a way that will be evaluated within the scope of psychological harassment (mobbing), will not be tolerated.

Attitude/Behavior and Appearance

As a Karsac Ventilation employee, in the working environment, in a clean, attentive, professional working style; We should be friendly, caring and respectful towards everyone.

We must represent Karsac Ventilation, which is a trust institution with its behavior and appearance, in the best possible way. This principle is extremely important in terms of improving customer relations and increasing the prestige of the institution and should be followed meticulously.

Creating a team spirit within the company, protecting and improving the image of the company is the common goal that plays an important role in the workplace and in the private life of each employee. We must display a balanced and harmonious attitude professionally and financially in order to prevent negative reflections on the work we do and/or the image of the company.

In our external relationships, we must show equal respect for our customers, potential customers, shareholders and the communities we serve. This requires courteous service, ethical business conduct, and compliance with all laws and regulations. As employees of a customer-oriented institution, we have a responsibility to act in a way that creates positive impressions about Karsac Ventilation.

In our day-to-day business, we must adhere to high standards of integrity and strive to perform our work to the best of our ability to ensure that we meet Company goals and objectives. By using the time correctly during the working period, we should pay attention to the short duration of our private works so as not to disrupt the customer transactions.

Ensuring Internal Hierarchy

The contribution of the development of the employees is great for Karsac Ventilation to achieve its goals. Managers should manage employees on the basis of professional criteria and should provide equal opportunities for development and rewarding to all employees in connection with their contribution to the success of the company. Managers coordinating specific jobs or departments should exercise the powers designed for their jobs with balance, impartiality, and consideration of the personal dignity of staff. Our managers should refrain from doing and/or getting a job out of their authority by abusing their positions and responsibilities for any purpose. Our managers must constantly support the professional development of employees.

Within the framework of honest and prudent management principles, managers are responsible for proposing and realizing management styles that will increase the values ​​of the company, provide maximum profit to the Company and protect the rights of employees in the long term.

Employees should work in a way that ensures maximum cooperation with their managers by avoiding behaviors that do not comply with the working principles.

As a general principle, our employees are responsible for fulfilling the instructions of their superiors. However, it is not obliged to fulfill instructions that may harm the profitability, efficiency and reputation of Karsac Havalandirma or that do not comply with the Company's principles and legislation provisions. An employee who deems that the instructions are contrary to the legal and/or internal regulations or are harmful to the Company, informs his/her opinion to the top manager who gave the instruction and to the Code of Ethics Advisor. If the employee who complies with the instruction believes that the action he/she has made in accordance with the instruction constitutes a crime clearly stated in the relevant laws and regulations and/or will cause damage to the Company, he/she should immediately notify the Internal Audit and Control Directorate.

Relationships between different task levels should be organized within the rules of mutual loyalty and respect created by the hierarchy – within the Company and in a way that respects the Company's values ​​and goals.

The Study of Relatives

Our colleagues, who have the following degree of kinship, cannot be assigned to report directly to the same manager in any department of the Company.

Obligation to Attend

Our employees are obliged to take care to comply with the working hours determined for the workplace and to use the personnel attendance control system (card reading, fingerprint reading, etc.) at the entrances and exits. It is essential that the employee is on site during working hours.

An employee who leaves his/her job for any reason must notify his/her manager or his/her closest colleague about the place of visit to be forwarded to these persons.

The employee, who is required to be out of the institution due to his duty, should inform his manager about the place he will go and the hours he will spend outside.

Information Sharing with Colleagues – Transfer/Delivery Obligation

An employee who leaves his/her job permanently or temporarily cannot leave his/her job unless he/she transfers the money and monetary values, documents, tools and equipment that he/she has to keep and use. This principle also applies to those who are temporarily assigned to other duties.

If the company suffers a loss due to the non-fulfillment of the transfer and delivery duty, those who caused it will be held responsible.

Equal Opportunity/ Providing Equal Opportunities in Employment

Karsac Ventilation aims to create a working environment that values ​​the talents and experiences of each individual, respects differences and gives a voice to the ideas and opinions of each employee.

Respecting differences is not only the right way to do our job, it is essential to the success of our business.

Karsac Ventilation does not allow discrimination among its employees. It ensures that all personnel practices are carried out based on individual ability and merit, regardless of race, religion, color, age, gender, national origin or ancestry, sexual orientation, physical disability, seniority or other factors determined and protected by law. These practices include, but are not limited to, recruitment, selection, performance management, training, placement, transfer, promotion, disciplinary action, and termination of employment.

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