Accuracy of Records

Integrity, accuracy and reliability in all kinds of records, documents and financial statements issued on behalf of Karsac Air are of great importance for the continuation and future of Karsac Air's success. For this reason, our employees are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and legality of records, documents and documents in all kinds of transactions they carry out on behalf of Karsac Ventilation.

In addition to accounting and auditing records, these documents include time records, credit documents, telephone records, transaction records and all other records that are part of our daily workflow. All records should reflect the transactions performed accurately and on time, and in case of errors, errors should be corrected immediately.

In case of detection of any deception, alteration and / or negligence in the general activities of the company, the Ethics Rule Advisor and Human Resources Management or the relevant unit of the company should be notified immediately.

Employee Stock Trading – Insider Trading

It is natural for our company to have certain expectations from its employees within the framework of the principles of loyalty and protecting the interests of the company. In the context of these expectations;

 It is possible for the employees to carry out investment transactions with the shares of Karsac Ventilation in the stock market, under the conditions specified in the Capital Markets Board regulations. However, the employees, by using all kinds of confidential information of Karsac Havalandirma or giving it to third parties, trying to gain any benefit, including directly or indirectly trading shares from stock markets, is insider trading and this behavior is prohibited by law. They know it's a crime. Internal procedures established to implement the regulations of the Capital Markets Board are implemented with precision. Employees included in the “Insider” list are expected to be in full compliance with the relevant legislation, company policies and procedures.

Serial: VIII, No:22 "Principles on Sales Methods in the Public Offering of Capital Market Instruments" of the Capital Markets Board Additional Article: 1 According to the "Prohibition of Transactions in Public Offering": "In the sale of capital market instruments through public offering; The chairman and members of the board of directors, statutory auditors, executive directors, general manager and assistant general managers, and other personnel who may have information due to their duties, and their spouses, with the issuers who issue and publicly offer capital market instruments, and the intermediary institutions that mediate the public offering, their relatives cannot directly or indirectly purchase the said capital market instruments.”

 Employees of Karsac Ventilation, other than the persons specified in the above-mentioned circular, may participate in the public offering transactions made by companies within the body of Karsac Ventilation and by other intermediary institutions.

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