Ethics Committee Organization

Incompatibilities on ethical issues are resolved within the body of Karsac Ventilation Ethics Committee.

Ethics Committee; It consists of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Group Human Resources Chief Executive and the Group Legal Chief Executive. The Ethics Committee evaluates violations by taking into account the ethical review and disciplinary investigation reports prepared by the Internal Audit and Control Directorate. The functioning of the Ethics Committee, its decision-making processes, relations with the Disciplinary Committees in companies and reporting practices are described in detail in the Disciplinary Practices Procedure.

Notification of Violations and Working Principles of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee carries out its work within the framework of the following principles:

For your questions and notifications, you can use the following communication channels or contact the members of the Ethics Committee directly.

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone : +90 262 502 00 13 (pbx)

Fax : +90 262 502 01 42

Mail : You can send a letter to the address on the website of our company with the heading "Ethics Committee Chairman".

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